SYMBIO Stroller

Comfort and convenience

  •  - the handle can be reversed in an instant to either have the child facing parents to interact, or facing forward to see the world go by
  • - compact frame (0.16m3) means easy storage both at home or in the boot of the car
  • - light weight and easy to carry at only 7.5kg
  • - easy to get around town with front swivel wheels, and at only 58cm wheel width, you'll easily  through any door or down any aisle

Included: Raincover and Adapter for Graco Car Seat


Size open:                                  Size folded:

  • length: 79 см.                             length: 79 см.       
  • width: 58 см.                             width: 58 см.
  • height: 100 см                            height: 35 см.

Warranty: 1 year

    Code: G6EC999BLCEU
    Manufacturer: Graco
  • Weight: 15.800 Kgs