Dual Electric Breast Pump

Introducing the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump - The pump that's easy to use, kind on your wallet and gentle on your breasts. Featuring our ComfortFit™ Breast Flanges for a soft, secure fit and our Custom Expression™ Technology for maximum milk flow, the Affinity® is one of the most advanced and affordable breast pumps available, brought to you by the #1 brand in breastfeeding.

Product Features:                                                                              

  • Custom Expression TM Technology for maximum milk flow
  • Guaranteed to prevent milk backup in tubing & pump
  • One-touch let-down button
  • ComfortFit TM breast flanges for a soft, secure fit
  • Easy to use - easy to clean
  • Adjustable cycle & suction
  • Designed for everyday long term use at home or away
  • Built-in bottle holders to help prevent spills
  • AC adaptor or battery operated (6 AA batteries not included)
  • BPA Free