Teutonia-Hand pallet production. Established in 1947 in Germany, with one goal - producing first class carriages. Through 4 simple steps you can create a cart that will provide convenience, security and pleasure for you and your baby.
1. Chassis - with or without parking brake
2. Tyres
3. Right of summer basket
4. Winter cavity and other aksesuari.
Unparalleled quality backed with 3 years warranty.
Meets all standards for safety, offers unmatched quality and design.
All models Teutonia strollers offer the following options:
• - seat basket and winter car seat can be hung bi
• - seat napalnopodhodyashta newborns. Drops to a full lying
• - shock absorbers front and rear tires
• - tires with air chambers and help to further smooth ride
• - front wheels rotate 360 ​​°, but there is also an option to lock
• - handle height is adjustable
• - 5 point harness, belt length is adjusted
• - adjustable foot platform
• - canopy is fitted with insect screen, chastot a canopy can be removed for more ventilation in warmer days
• - all textile parts are removed very easily and can be washed in washing machine